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Monday, April 20, 2009

how very urban

Just working hard on cluster this week. I'm getting to a part in the comic where i don't have to just draw expanses of sea over and over again which is good.
I've really got obsessed with watching documentaries while i draw lately, and seem to have developed a keen interest in anything about ancient Britain, Vikings, and creation myths. Its all had a bit of an effect on the writing of cluster and I'm a little bothered the whole thing may get out of hand. I'm going to have to sit down and do a page count next week and edit the rough copy down if needs be. I want it between forty and sixty pages long to keep it simple and concise. I don't think there's a complex enough plot to carry a hundred page book.
I've also been working on the comic on walls book, which thankfully is starting to make some sense to me now. I think getting some of the frames/walls edited into shape helped me get a better feeling for it all. Here are a few I've painted over the past week.
click to enlarge.