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Monday, June 01, 2009

underground art (art for bats and rats)

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I was stuck to find anything to post this week so i settled for a blurry shot i took of this character i painted in a near pitch black tunnel. I need to go back and do some more, so I'll get some better photos of them too. It's a pity its a bad photo, the wall had a lovely dirty red hue like a giant depressing rothko painting. It's part of the photo comic I'm working on. This particular panel fits in with the large painting i did on the back of rare and racy bookshop.
At the moment I'm just getting ready for lots of things. I've got a new studio to move into so i can start some secret projects. I've been revamping my screen printing studio to get it ready for the epic ten colour print for the front of cluster. Issue nine of phlegm should be back from the printers in about a week too, so I've been preparing some space for that.
I've printed the last batch of cuthhulu shirts too. Orange, brown, sand, and baby blue shirts with black ink, and some pink shirts with purple print! Only for sale at the old sweetshop (link in the side bar)