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Saturday, July 25, 2009

drawing lockdown

Working on my book, graphic novel, comic, or whatever the kids call em these days. It's so painstakingly slow i feel like I'm in stasis. I wish I'd adapted a nice clean and simple drawing style for it instead of this fiddly three days of constant graft to do one page.
Below are a few other pictures I've drawn for people in my spare time...although I really don't know what spare time is, or if I really have any...and if I do then why am I filling my spare time with what I also do for a job.
I sound like I'm moaning but I'm not, I just feel knackered from spending almost two weeks drawing a coral reef for my book, and I'm cranky because I know it's going to be months and months and months and months before I can show anyone all the work.

click to enlarge.

click to enlarge.

I was going to post some paintings I've been doing on walls but I've lost my charger for my camera...I'll give you a bumper post of those when I get my shit together.