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Friday, September 25, 2009

animal house.

I still don't have a computer and so every thing is still in a this post is better than nothing, and that's the best i can offer for now.

I keep getting asked about exhibitions and if I'm doing any more prints this year. I'll be doing a short run of thirty or forty a3 screen prints some time before Christmas. The only exhibition I'm doing is the one below in Suffolk next week. I'll put up pictures from the show and list the unsold pieces when it's over. So that's it really, i have no plans to do anything other than work on my two books in the sanctity of my house sat by my fire with the cat on my lap. So i doubt I'll be in any shows until next summer now.

click photo to enlarge.

PS. If your in Manchester this week why not go to the urbis and see my favorite gallery 'the old sweet shop' exhibiting work for the buy art fair. They have the last remnants of previous editions of my prints, some budget prints, my comics and even a few original drawings.
There are thousands of people exhibiting and it's chock full of gallery's, so pop in if your about

x phlegm x