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Saturday, November 07, 2009

the wastes of time.

It's been a hellish week for drawing. First i decided to redraw the first two pages of the comic i'm working on because the style was a bit off. I settled into a style and i've always looked at the first two pages knowing i had to tackle them again some time. i spent two days drawing them again. I was about two thirds of the way through and i managed to spill a whole bottle of ink over it, completly ruining it. So now i'm drawing them again. The first two pages have now taken me about twelve days to draw and i'm completly sick of the sight of them.
Below is another aborted i never quite finnished because i found a better way to draw it. I never got around to dotting the 'ng' The second version is much nicer, it's the same but all the text is left undotted and theres lots of shaded cloud obscuring the text.

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Here's some more work from the moor in sheffield. Next week i'll be painting an airship on one of the roofs so keep you eyes in the sky.

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