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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The house skatepark.

Sheffield's local indoor park 'the house' is having a bit of trouble keeping afloat thanks to rising bills, freakish weather conditions, and people not skating enough. I like having somewhere nice to skate and paint in the winter so I've organised a line of t-shirts designed by ten artists which I'll be launching over the next few weeks. I'm super exited about showing everyone the designs, I'm so chuffed with all the work I've collected off people, and that they all took time out to help out.

Here's the drawing I've done for mine. I'm going to print mine in the worst colours I've ever printed...neon magenta on lime green shirts. Luckily I'm only printing a handful so I'm not too bothered about them flying off the shelves!

click to enlarge.

Ps. I'm doing a few big poster size screen prints on card for a few skaters that have already asked for one. If anyone wants one let me know and I'll do a few extra. They're fifteen squid unframed.

x phlegm x