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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 roundup.

Hello everyone
 I started this year working on a big installation in London. Then i managed to injure my neck in the spring which really got in the way of painting for much of the summer. All in all i still managed to get some good work done. Now i'm fully operational and can't wait to get going next year. 

In 2015 i will continue travelling and doing my large scale sanctioned murals but i also want to set aside a lot more time to paint abandoned spaces and spots i find tucked away. I miss the solitude of painting at night and wandering the streets with the foxes. 

Next year i'll also be spending some time drawing for my ongoing book 'in brine' Along side that huge project i'm also planning on getting back to making some smaller zines again. 

Thanks to you all for following my work, and for supporting me by buying my books and prints. 
x phlegm x