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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Rare and Racy - Sheffield.

Another painting I did while I was up in Sheffield. Rare and Racy is by far my favorite shop in Sheffield. It's been going since 1969 and it's also the very first place I started selling my Zines.

It's future is pretty uncertain. It seems likely that this lovely old block of shops is going to be knocked down to make way for some bland shops or apartments. To see this independent place get replaced by something new and generic seems a sad blow for this part of town.

This is also where I've been finding all my old wrapping paper for my books. I'm now down to the last few boxes of my books online. To celebrate the end of this run i've signed all the ones that are left. I've also cut up all the old offcuts and printing mistakes from my shed each book comes with a scrap of old print from something i've released in the past.

My books are now sold out. There should be a stock of unsigned ones left in several shops. Rare and racy in the north of England and Gosh comics in the south of england. There is also a last delivery to UTBNY for customers stateside who want reduced shipping rates. Expect delays though....I have to carry all these things to the post office and it's a pain.

x phlegm x