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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

week two - The forest

After the first week i started to realise i had to get up very early if i wanted to find the perfect locations, make an artwork from scratch and photograph it before the light turned. I originally wanted to use branches and natural materials to make the artworks but i quickly became more interested in the phenomenon of people fly tipping waste. I started to collect and stash tipped wood and building materials i found on the edge of the forest. These materials seemed more out of place. Turning these into artworks left in the forest felt less invasive than using things found in the forest itself. I also started to realise these artworks weren't going to last at all. Only two artworks remained there longer than a day.

Day 8.

 Day 9.
 Day 10.
 Day 11.
 Day 12.
 Day 13.
 Day 14.