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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Im back.

Ok. So i've been absent a while since i worked on the forest project. I needed some space to do artwork without feeling like half my time was spent answering emails, organising schedules and trying to just keep things running. I guess thats why i disappeared into the forest in the first place.

I'm back now. I've overhauled my etching studio and got more space. I'd like to get back to doing some more print work and a few much bigger editions so that i can get at least one print run out this year that's a bit more relaxed for people to buy, instead of selling out so fast.

I want to make promises about all my book projects but i don't want to fall into the trap of making promises i don't keep. At the moment i'm working on a follow up to my last pen and ink book, a photo book of the forest work, a small booklet of mini etchings (reproduced), and my book 'in brine' which is a sort of wordless graphic novel creation myth.
     So as you can see i'm juggling a lot of book work along side trying to be a muralist. The pen work is slow, detailed and hard work. Over the years my works got even more detailed and the book projects more ambitious, so the finished products have ground to a halt.
Over the next month or two i'll try and do lots of mini posts of last years wall work, with the aim of getting this blog current again instead of a year behind. I'll leave you with a few images from my pen and ink book two.
                                                                     x phlegm x