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Saturday, May 01, 2010

full power phlegm.

The photo below is of a painting i've done a wall on leadmill road in sheffield. I have about four of five paintings designed for this wall so this little bird won't be around too long.

click to enlarge (poor photo...sorry.)

Below is a crazy vw van i painted a couple of frames on.

click to enlarge (mr cats name is opal)

click to enlarge.

...And here's another quick painting. In the time line of the comic this is three quarters of the way through the book. To make it more confusing it's a few pages after the rare and racy wall i painted last summer. yeah it confuses me too.

click to enlarge.

x phlegm x

ps. next weeks post will be about my range of guest artist house skatepark shirts, so get your fingers on the paypal button ready for those.