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Friday, September 12, 2014

Royal Opera House - etchings.

As part of the collaboration with the Opera house this month I produced all my preparatory sketch work as copper etchings. The set of nine are displayed in the opera house link between my outdoor sculpture and indoor mural. All nine are influenced by the Greek myths, Prometheus and Leda and the swan. 
At the moment the only prints done are these copies. I'm really busy still this year, and because all my printing is done by hand myself i don't have time to do a run of any of these plates right now. If you want adding to my email list just email me at phlegmcomic@gmail with the subject prints. In the new year I'll look into doing something with these plates. 

I'm still using my spare time working on the edition of etchings i mentioned earlier this year. I'm being ruthless with the quality so its taking longer than normal.  I still have painting projects I'm juggling but i promise I'll release this before the year ends.