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Friday, December 01, 2017

Dulwich picture gallery. April 25th 2017

Time to catch up on this blog again. Busy year painting murals. I'm now settling myself in for some studio work. I've been trying unsuccessfully for the past three years to work on my etchings prints and handmade books in between mural work. I've decided to take a bit of time to really get some projects finished in the studio. I've also had a few really big breakthroughs in the way i do my etching and engraving. I feel like i'm on the brink of pushing that side of my work to a much higher standard.
      New shop page at the top of this page anticipating me actually selling some things for a change. It also has a real newsletter sign up form. Even if you are on my (almost never used) email list i'd recommend signing up via this. I'm slowly trying to get my affairs in order here so please bear with me.

      This spring I got invited by the Dulwich picture gallery to paint on some hoardings as they built their summer pavilion. I decided on something sequential showing architectural elements being overcome by nature and decay. Something i deal with a lot in my mural work and also something i find interesting in old paintings and etchings. I'm interested in cycles of decay with monuments and buildings. Nature can often envelop structures over and over again through time. Wars, gentrification, political changes and fashions can mean buildings can drift in and out of times of care and disrepair. I often like to think about my murals being a brief flourish in the life of a building. A moment of energy in an often dead space.